This interlining is called “wash and wear”interlining. Normally cotton fabric will crinkle after washing.
While after using this interlining, this will be improved.
■ 具有较低的缩水率、热缩率,缩水率、热缩率指标远低于国家标准。
■ 具有较强的粘合强度,粘合强度接近国家标准的二倍,保证成衣保型好。
■ 经高温焙烘后(150℃×5min)粘合强度不但不下降,反而有所提升。
■ 具有优质的布面风格,采用特纺纱精心织造而成。
Pain properties
■ Extra low washing shrinkage, thermal shrinkage, which is much lower than national standard.
■ Extra high bonding strength, twice as National standard which guarantees good shape of garment.
■ Bonding strength can be higher after heating to shape by high temperature.
■ Good appearance of fabrics weaved by specially selected yarn.